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Crypto QR Scan

Welcome here are custom QR Codes if you wana directly pay by QR codes in my crypto wallet.

  • NOTE: After paying from here make sure to add the same product to cart and fill your details in there while selecting manual Payments as an option. 

  • Remember to select the correct Network before paying. 

  • Tip: Use Dogecoin for low fee or Use binance for low fee as BNB Smart Chain Network is very cheap for any coin.

If you directly want a crypto address to pay. You can just go to products sections and add your desired product to cart and select manual payments as an option. Coins list:

1. Bitcoin (4 Networks)

2. Dogecoin(2 Networks) 

3. Ethereum (2 Networks)

4. USDT (4 Networks)

Adding more............

2. Dogecoin
3. Ethereum
Doge (BNB).jpeg
4. USDT (Tether)
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